Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Kiddos

Okay so last Tuesday I spent a couple hours on Testimony Tuesday but the words just never felt right.  I thought I would come back and finish but instead I just didn't blog at all.  Ha!  We really had a great week.  The past couple of months the kids have been challenging all of the boundaries and last week we finally got some relief!  I have been savoring every moment!  (: 
Lilly and Reid were giggling and I walked in her room to check on them and she was putting him to bed.  I ran to get the camera and when I came back she was in there with him. 
Lilly has insisted on dressing herself lately and she now says, "It matches!"  (:  This is what she wore to a birthday party Saturday.  She is wearing two tutus and one of them is tucked in the other one.  I actually look forward to seeing what she is going to pick out. 
Saturday night we did breakfast for dinner.  Matt bought some cinnamon rolls with chocolate icing and I had been craving biscuits and gravy.  It was funny-Matt ate cinnamon rolls, I ate biscuits and gravy, and Lilly and Reid ate cheese biscuits. 
I said, "Lilly show Mommy your eyes!" and this is what she did.  Hysterical!
And this is what Reid did.  (:
We had movie night with Kung Fu Panda.  The kids weren't that into it but we enjoy all the snuggle-and-watch-movie-time we can get with our sweet littles!
When we put those PJs on them, Reid said, "No these are for the train!!"  Ha!  Those were the "special pajamas" we wore on the pajama train.  (:
One morning they were watching tv on opposite sides of the couch while I was getting ready.  When I came out they were snuggled up next to each other.  Reid also snuck a paci.  He has become a paci ninja lately!  Ha!

Today I had one of those moments where you realize how much you have changed.  I had one of those today as we were on our way home.  We saw a train so we went out of our way to take the long way home so that we could catch up to it and GET TO be stopped at the railroad tracks and watch the train go by.  Ha!  The kids love trains and I now get so excited when the train is coming because they get so excited to see it.

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