Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lilly's Room & Her Reaction

Well I am VERY excited to show you Lilly's new room.  I refuse to call it a big girl room because she is still a little girl.  ( ;  (We all know I really wanted to keep her in her crib until kindergarten but that just didn't work out for me.)

 Shall we enter?
 I will show each whole wall and then go into close-ups and details.  Also I did a lot of projects for this room and I will *probably* do a post tomorrow with before and after photos as long as tips and details.  With all of that being said, this is the view when you walk into Lilly's room.  I think since I took these pictures at night there are some shadows and some of the colors are a little off but you will get a picture of what it looks like.  The bedding is really hot pink and purple but the hot pink looks a little funny in these pics. 
 The side wall.
And the other wall.  Mrs. Potts and the sound machine really aren't supposed to be in the picture...but, oh well, this is real life, right? 
 This is a close up of the bed.  I painted and recovered the headboard (more on that later) and then I bought the bedding at Target and my sister-in-law sewed a tutu bedskirt for me.  I wanted this room to be a "dress-up" room.
 Here is a close up of Becca's handiwork. 
 We made those tutu canvases.  The tutus are Lilly's handprints.
Here is a close up of them.  I have some better photos--the middle one's color is really bad in this photo.  I was (am) very proud of our art project!
 My sister-in-law attached the tutu to the bottom of the curtains too.  I LOVE this detail in the room.  My sister redid the letters in Lilly's name to match her new room.  She did the ones for her nursery so I love that she did them for her new room too. 
She used some left over fabric from the headboard and covered the letters and used lots of cute ribbon.  Adorable!!
 I repainted Matt's MamMa's vanity to match her room.  I love that we were able to use something of hers. 
 I found these two canvases at Hobby Lobby (actually my sister pointed them out).  Then my mom, my sister, and I made the cross in the middle.
 One of my ongoing projects in the house is to wrap our house in scripture.  So when I saw these I knew I wanted them for her room. 
 A close up of the cross.  These were just plain unpainted wooden crosses when we bought them. 
I LOVE that this says "Princess and Daughter of the King" because that is the kind of "princess" I want Lilly to know that she is.  In fact, I really just love every word this says! 
I repainted Lilly's bookshelf white and found those pink baskets on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3.50.  Score!  I can't decide if I am going to paint the green baskets yet or not.  At this point the thought of doing another project makes me tense up a bit. 
 This is the cube thing from Target and bins to go in it.   Then above it are some frames that I painted, covered in burlap, and attached a clip to so we can display all of Lilly's artwork. 
All ready for some art!  Since I have been painting for almost two weeks, she has been BEGGING to paint so maybe this week she will be able to create some masterpieces. 
 I am using the cube to hold all of her dress-up stuff.
 You know you need a place for all of your dress-up clothes (3 of the bins are devoted to this), sunglasses, dress shoes, tiaras, and more. 
My mom made Lilly this bag for her dance stuff.  I hang it on her door to show it off!  Lilly LOVES it!  Now I think the room turned out great!  It is super cute and girly just like my sweet Lilly!  But what really matters is whether or not Lilly likes it...
First seeing it! 
Climbing in to try it out.
 Jumping on the bed!  You know that is the only real way to test a bed!
 Laying on it.  She said, "I love it!  I love it!  I love it!"
Ready for bed!!

She has done really great in her new room.  The first night she went to sleep right away.  We had two rough nap days which resulted in her being over tired.  Before bed that night she started crying and throwing a fit for her crib.  I want to tell you I was a great mom and went in and rubbed her back and talked about great her new room is and soothed her to sleep...but that would be a lie.  See, I too was really tired from working on the room and I responded with more of an unsympathetic, "You asked for it, I worked hard on it, now go in there and love it!"  Ha!  Anyway, other than that night, she has loved it!  


Courtney said...

I love her new room, all the little details are great. Your last response to Lilly is priceless and I am sure it is what most moms would say at the end of a long day!!! Have a great week.

Superchikk said...

I love it! Great job!

The Bostians said...

You did such a great job! Love the room!!! And she is just gorgeous, love the last pic! :)

Jenna said...

Sara it turned out SOOO CUTE! Lilly's smile was so sweet, you can just see how much she loves her new room! Awesome job friend!

Paisley Blake said...

Gorgeous!! Lilly looks so excited!!! Perfect room for a little big girl :-)

Lauren said...

Love love love her new room! The handprint tutu's I may have to steal the idea! Super cute!

Trina said...

I love it!