Monday, May 20, 2013

End of KDO

Well Lilly, Reid, and I are officially on summer break.  Already??  It seems so early!!  We all had a great year and are sad that it is already over but really excited about having some summer fun.
 Here is my little Lilly Lou at the beginning of the year and at the end of year.  Cue the tears.
And my baby boy Reid...OH. MY. SOUL!  I am going to start taping books to the top of their heads!!!  That is probably frowned upon, right?
 Here is Lilly and all of her teachers.  One of them was ME!  While there were a few days that me being her teacher added a little extra drama--I really enjoyed being in her class this year. 
 Mrs. Jaime was her other teacher through Spring Break...
 until she had this little cutie.  She taught Lilly so much and Lilly loves her very much!
 And Mrs. Beth finished the year with us.  Lilly loves her fun personality!  I was very thankful that Lilly had teachers that just loved on her and helped her learn so much! 
 Here is Reid with Mrs. Jessica and Mrs. Dora.  (He also had two other great teachers at the beginning of the year before his class split into two classes--Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Whitney--but I didn't get pictures of them.)  Reid has learned and grown so much this year and he has loved going to KDO.  I am so thankful for the great teachers he had as well! 
 There was an end-of-the-year celebration and Mike, DeDe, Grandma Odie, Ray, Aunt Vivian, Daddy, and MoMo all came to celebrate with us!  Lilly was SO EXCITED that they were coming and I think she loves everyone just that much more because they were there.  She is definitely a quality-time kind of girl! 
 Reid, DeDe, and Lilly
 MoMo and Lilly.  Reid was officially out on any more pictures by this one. 
 All of KDO performed The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It was so cute.  And funny.  Here is Reid about to say his line, "a little egg lay on a leaf."  To my surprise he said it!  He has never sang or done any of the motions in the past performances.  Of course I did have to hand him off to his Daddy a few minutes later because he was crawling all over the stage and I thought he was going to accidentally destroy something very expensive.  I'm still counting it a success, though.  Ha! 
 Lilly was one of the two pears that the caterpillar ate through on Tuesday.  She also had the line, "One piece of chocolate cake."  She picked it out and was very proud of it.  (: 
Also I think she must have waved the entire program because she is waving in every picture. Ha! 
 In our room we had this photo area set up for pictures and we took pictures of each family in front of it.  The room was so cute so I am going to post pictures of it.  (:  Reid's room was set up cute, too, but I didn't have a chance to get pictures of his room. 
 In May we learned about bunnies and made the bunnies hanging up and they had to write something that was soft like a bunny.  On the big carrot we listed things that bunnies hop and eat carrots.  Then we also learned about flowers so their picture is in the middle of their water-colored coffee filter flowers. 
 And we also made this parts of a flower sign.
 These strawberries were supposed to be just an easy paper-tearing activity but they ended up being so much hassle that I was like, "Oh these babies are going on display!"  Ha! 
We also learned about butterflies and made these fun butterflies to hang from the ceiling.

 And at the table to look at with their parents were their "I'm Special" books that we made. 
This is how it looked all together.  I loved it! 
 And Trish and Christy had decorated the gatheria super cute too!  There was a cupcake caterpillar,
 and butterfly snacks...
 that was all set up to look like this. 
 And this was the entryway as they went in to the program.  I thought the whole thing was pretty special.  It was also PreK graduation for my kiddos going to kindergarten--so proud of all those sweet kid and I already miss them!  If I had permission--I would post an adorable picture of them in their caps and gowns. 
 The last week of KDO we had "splash days" with a blow up pool and sprinklers and they all loved it.  It is such a fun way to end a fun year! 
 Then in our room instead of nap time we had a "drive-in" movie.  I let Reid come in our room for that, too. 
 It was a pretty cute sight!  Ha! 
 Lilly and Reid are still playing in their cars at home. 
 And then last but not least--we made these cards with a flower pen that said, "I couldn't have picked a better teacher!" for their teachers...which is completely true.  And, no, I did not give one to myself.  Ha! 
And we gave them a beach towel, water bottle, hand sanitizer and smell-good-car-clip-thing (I'm sure that is the official name :) to thank them for their investments in Lilly and Reid's life this year.  The kids picked them out and it was pretty funny to see which ones they picked out for each teacher.  It was a great KDO year and I am so thankful for the many way this program has blessed all of this year! 


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What an adorable celebration. I love all the theme stuff to go with the Very Hungry Caterpillar! So glad you had a great year with the kids.

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