Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Update

This post will update you on the whole family, but we will start with who everyone really wants to know about: Lilly. Lilly is feeling much better. When she woke up yesterday, she still wouldn't eat and was rather fussy so we went back to the doctor. He said that the virus was going away, but that she had SEVERAL new spots for teeth to come in so she was just going through a double whammy--sickness and teething! Really??
After we left the doctor, I swung through a drive-thru and got some biscuits and gravy---of which, Lilly ate pretty much half!! At that point, we would have given her steak if she would've eaten it. Then, she ate her oatmeal and fruit. From that point on, she has started feeling better and better!!
She has been talking (like in the above photo). Her favorite thing to say is, "Ohh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa"! It is hilarious. While she was sick, she would say it so sad-sounding.
Now it is back to cheerful squeals and chatting.
What a cute profile!
No more photos mom!
  • Little brother--well, we still haven't came up with a name...feel free to leave suggestions! We are considering Benjamin, Blake, Reid, Trey, Owen, Lincoln, and a couple others. He is doing great as far as I can tell! He is always moving. He reacts to Lilly, too. If she cries, he goes crazy!
  • Matt--after this week, he is a little tired. Work is going well. He is always busy being an awesome daddy--more on that tomorrow (spoiler alert)!
  • Me--also tired after this week. Pregnancy is going great. I am in that part where I have a lot of energy (nesting--our house is clean!), and feel pretty much normal. The only complaint is heartburn--I ate cheerios for breakfast and got heartburn--seriously!

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Cori said...

We had considered Benjamin for a name, also, but went with Samuel. I like Blake or Reid.. Very cute!

Glad Miss Lilly is feeling better!