Friday, June 19, 2009

Poor Sick Lilly

Well, Lilly caught her first virus. On Monday, I noticed she was a little clingier than usual and didn't want to eat her dinner. So, I kept checking her for a fever--but she didn't have one and she slept well. Tuesday, she got up with a little fever (a mother knows!), but when I called the doctor she said to just monitor it for a day--it could just be teething. So, most of the day she was in a decent enough mood as long as she was being held...but you could tell she wasn't feeling well! By Tuesday night, she would just lay on Matt and I and make these pitiful sounds that clearly stated, "I feel horrible". She also did not sleep Tuesday night. So, Wednesday I took her to the doctor even though her fever was pretty much gone. When we got to the doctor, she had a little rash starting...which led the doctor to diagnose her with the Roseola Virus. The doctor said her ears and throat look fine, the virus pretty much causes extreme clinginess, fussiness, a fever, and a rash. Once the rash appears, it should be gone in 12-24 hours. So Wednesday afternoon, she seemed to be on the road to recovery. She played by herself a little bit, was much more smiley, and genuinely seemed to be feeling MUCH better. I put her in bed with us and she slept fine...she would not stay asleep on her own. BTW, the above picture is of her eating ice out of a mesh feeder...she loved it, but as you can tell by the look on her face in these pictures, she was in no mood to be photographed.
So, Thursday started off good. However, at around 10:00 (nap time), she became super fussy and REFUSED to me, I tried everything. She didn't nap until 2:00 and it was very short. After holding her and battling fussiness and everything all week, at 3:00--I officially had run out of trick and energy so I called Matt--HELP! She won't sleep, she won't eat...she won't stop crying! He came home and was able to get her to sleep (solely on him) for a couple of hours. However, she didn't feel any better when she woke up. She took a bottle...but still won't eat baby food. Then, last night at 11:00 (a good 3 hours past bedtime), we had tried EVERYTHING to get her to sleep.....rocking, car ride, bottle, lullaby CDs, laying down with her, putting her down alone, etc....nothing all made her angrier! After screaming for over an hour and being mere moments away from going to the ER, she fell asleep.
She woke at 4:00 am with a growling tummy, sucked down a bottle, went right back to sleep, and is just now beginning to stir at 8:15am.
Please pray that our sweet little baby is healed today and feels much better. She has had such a rough week! To top it off, she may be teething at the same time ):
And to leave on a funny note, yesterday morning, after she woke up she was laying in bed next to me playing. When we decided it was time to get up, I go to pick her up and she has managed to get both legs in one leg hole! Ha!

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Unknown said...

Poor baby. I just hate it when they are sick.