Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reunion/Birthday Party

Saturday was a busy day for the Scott's! In the morning, we drove to Alma for my Grandma Odie's family reunion! (To say we were "youngsters" there would be a mild understatement...haha!) Just kidding Grandma! Daddy, Lilly, and huge pregnant Mommy
Lilly's GG Odie and Granddaddy Dennis

GG Tomara, Grandma Oksana, Lilly, and Mommy
Lilly, Granddaddy Dennis, Lola
Family at the reunion...nobody wanted to pose for the camera....go figure!
This was the teeniest miniature doberman pincher I have ever seen!! The teeniest dog I think I have ever seen....including chihuahuas!
What made her hilarious was that Lola and Zya (Granddaddy's dogs) were terrified of this little itty bitty puppy!!! Lilly thought all the dogs were pretty entertaining. The reunion was a good time...we got to see lots of family we don't ever see and eat some pretty tasty lunch!
After the reunion, Lilly grabbed a little nap on the way to cousin Emma's 3rd birthday party!! It was a pool party!!!!! As you might be able to tell in the above picture, Lilly got to taste a little bit of her first cupcake. (I promise she eats stuff that isn't sweets!)
Daddy and Lilly
The water was freezing and it was overcast, so to my surprise Lilly really didn't want to get in at first. THEN she found this little sprinkler!!!
(BTW DeDe both of our bathing suits worked out perfect!!)
She had such a good time with this little water jet!! (It was sooo cold!!)
But it got her ready to get in the big pool!
Where she discovered that she could really make a BIG splash!! It was hilarious. You can tell by Matt's face that she is a pretty good splasher!
At this point she was saying, "ooooohhhh" over and over and, of course, squealing.
The birthday girl!! Happy birthday sweet Emma!
Lilly and Aunt Shelly
Standing on her tippy toes.
Another sweet picture with Aunt Shelly! We had tons of fun at the pool party!! You would think that Lilly would've passed out from all of that activity, but she still had a little bit of energy left to burn when we got home! (Mommy and daddy....not so much energy left!) I can't believe we are going to have two babies next summer!!

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