Monday, June 29, 2009


Lilly woke up at 1 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep or be put down. So at 2:30, I was on the phone with the after-hours call line for our pediatricians office asking the nurse why my baby wasn't better yet----it has been 2 weeks! She said to give it tonight and if Lilly's wasn't sleeping better to take her back to the doctor......for the fourth time in two weeks??? The sleep trouble is because with the ear infection it can be painful to lay flat-I guess even with the antibiotics and numbing drops. There is good news though!...... For the first time in a week, Lilly took a nap in her crib today!!! She slept for about an hour and a half. Hey, I will take it! Although she normally wakes up smiley and chatty in her crib, she woke up crying today so when I went in with the camera to get a picture of her standing up--I did not get smiles. Isn't that the most sad-sad face you have ever seen?????
She was trying whether to decide whether to keep crying or smiling in this picture because I was singing "Old McDonald". Pitiful sweet baby. She went down easily for bed so we are hopeful that tonight will be a good night!! Hopefully I can post an "all better" post soon!!!!!!

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