Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling Bettter

Lilly slept better last night. She woke up every four hours like clockwork for numbing drops and Tylenol, but was able to go back to sleep so we are feeling more and more rested. She also has taken both naps in her crib today....she put up a pretty good fight before the last one, but she does that every now and then anyway. She also has played today without watching my every move or insisting I be right there next to her--both of the above are things that haven't happened in a good two weeks. Yay! Now just because Lilly wasn't feeling well didn't mean she didn't start doing some new tricks!! She now pulls up and stands in her crib. She tries on lots of other things in the house, but we really don't have good "pulling up" furniture. She does, however, hang out on her knees like in the above and below photos. It is so cute!!!
Also, there have always been low open shelves around the house that I use for Lilly's things that way I don't have to always say "no" when she is getting into the low shelves. Until about a week ago, she completely ignored whatever was on the shelves, but recently she discovered that she could get into it...so at least 10 times per day I have had to put stuff back into the shelves. Another thing she does now is if she sees me putting something of hers away--she goes right over to it and gets it back out as if to say, "I had that where I wanted it, Mom!!"
She also enjoys getting into the diaper box (we have a box that has diapers, wipees, lotion, etc.) and the diaper bag. Our house looks like there has been a toy and diaper tornado regardless of how many times I pick it all up every day. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle there, but I am glad that she gets so much use out of her stuff! Oh yeah, she is also "normal" crawling. She just switched from the soldier scooting crawl to regular crawling one day.
We met daddy for lunch today and I forgot to pack Miss Lilly a bib so I put this napkin on her thinking "yeah-that is going to last?!", but she left it alone. I was shocked and pleased!
This is Lilly while we were going through the automatic car wash today.
"What is going on Mom??" After the first few seconds, she decided it was okay to be in the car wash and just hung out and watched everything-the soap suds, the scrubbing strings, the water rinse. I took a couple of videos of her today that I will post tomorrow. So glad to be posting a positive post!!!!


Amber said...

Glad she is feeling better!! She is too cute even when she doesn't feel well!!!

Diamonds & Dumptrucks Boutique said...

Hi Giving a quick update, you entered my giveway via kellys korner - i'm having another on my blog! :)

Unknown said...

We are so excited about little Colt and can't wait to meet him. We've been missing you. Hope you will join in Crock Pot Wednesdays.