Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Weekend

Well, we loaded up Thursday night so we could be ready to leave for B-town as soon as Lilly was done with her last swim lesson at the Swim Ranch (she got a certificate and everything!) in order to beat the nasty weather coming to town. However, the nasty weather got here early! So... We got stuck at Daddy's work for a little while. Miss Priss didn't mind because she got a HUGE balloon.
Her and daddy playing with the balloon...Daddy AND balloons are sooo much fun!

I just loved the look on her face in this picture! After waiting the storm out, we hit the road!
Lilly dancing. She pulls herself up using our hands and then her feet get all happy!! She just keeps moving them.

Sweet girl.
Playing with DeDe!
"DeDe, did you miss me??"
We had a great time and the ride there and back went much smoother this time! Lilly got in the pool a little bit, but she wasn't really sure what to think of those wild boys in there with her!!
I saw Brody taking a bath on his tummy on his blog and thought we would give that a try...so last night, Lilly took a tummy bath! She liked it a lot.
She was able to get all around the tub.
And, most importantly, she was able to chase her toys all over the place. She is probably not going to appreciate these pictures being on the blog later in life, is she?? Haha.

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Mary Lynn said...

Such sweet pictures with Matt....can't wait for that little boy to get here! Do you have a name yet?