Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Friday

We had a great Friday! "And she's proud to be an American"...anyway, Lilly in one of her festive Fourth of July outfits...a little early, but they are so cute I can't help myself!!
We just LOVE her so much!!!
Back to the day, Lilly took a good morning nap so mommy could get ready. Then, we got out and ran a couple of errands and had lunch with Daddy, MoMo, and MoMo's friend Sara.
Of course sweet Lilly is the only one that got her picture taken!
After a short nap, we went swimming at Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg's pool! I think we are going to have a little Lilly fish on our hands because she LOVES LOVES LOVES the pool!!
She is pretty funny because she doesn't like to get in all at once. Gradually!!! First dip the feet in, then up to the knee, then the get the point! Eventually she is all in and splashing and kicking and having a blast!
Saying cheese with the ducky!
This is Lexi waiting to "save" somebody! She is so funny. If you jump in the pool, she jumps in after you and drags you to safety. So if you want to jump off the diving board, you have to make sure Lexi is at the pond or not around!! They didn't train her to do this, she just does it on her own.

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Unknown said...

She is just tooooo cute! I love that she wears her hairbows, etc. I must have made Kate hundreds, but she won't wear them!