Thursday, June 11, 2009

9 Months/Proud Mommy

Well, I was kind of dreading today because we had swim lessons and then right afterward we had her 9 month check up...BUT Lilly was an angel!! First, at swim lessons, she kicked her legs all through swim lessons!!!! Then, when it was time to practice getting out of the pool, she reached for the wall, held herself and tried to lift her leg!!! She was all smiles and particularly chatty through the lesson as well. She was very tired but she would just sneak a snuggle while we were resting and then went back to work. She did fall asleep AS SOON AS she got in the car and slept on the way to the doctor....where she was also a CHAMPION!!! When we first got there, they took her weight (19 lbs. 13 and something ounces--75th percentile), her height (almost 29 inches--80th percentile--this is a huge jump from the 40th percentile last time...I knew she had went through a huge growth spurt!!!!), and her head size (I can't remember, but she is still in like the 5th-10th percentile there). Then, they tell us they have to "stick" her toe to get blood for the anemia test (it was negative by the way). Well, she had her toothbrush and we were singing "Old McDonald" (her favorite) and they stuck her toe...didn't phase her at all!! She never stopped smiling! What a big girl!!!!
The doctor came in and checked Lilly out and said everything looked great! She also talked to the doctor...she was quite chatty all day today! Oh, they gave her "The Little Engine that Could" book. They have this new reading program where all patients get a book at 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. Awesome! Then, since they had a HIP vaccine shortage the last visit, she had to get that shot today. Shucks!! The nurse gave her the shot and then Lilly proceeded to tell her off in gibberish. It was one of those instances where I know I am glad I couldn't understand what she was saying!!!! She was very angry sounding. Lately, when she hurts herself with a toy or something, I will get onto to the toy and say, "No No No"....maybe that is what she was saying.....
So, Lilly, what have you been doing at 9 months??
  • Well, your personality is really starting to show! Even the doctor said he thought you were going to be a handful! You are becoming slightly strong-willed (you get it honest). If you are playing with something you aren't supposed to be and we take it away, you let us know that you don't appreciate it once we PRY it out of your hands!
  • You use Mommy and Daddy to pull up. You just figured out that it works with Daddy too tonight. After that, you already tried to pull up on a couple more things...yikes. Anyway, you are so proud of yourself once you get to a standing position. You get sooo excited. You also have started taking a couple of steps holding onto my hands. I can just see the wheels turning in your head about all of the possibilities!!
  • You have started this adorable smile. First, your bottom teeth are really in and make your smile so stinking cute to start with, but you smile this huge smile and then breath really fast in and out with your noses making the cutest sound.
  • You want to do whatever we are doing. When I am feeding you, you want your own spoon (you don't want to feed yourself--you want Mommy and Daddy to do that), but you want your own spoon to play with because we have one. You want to try whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating--you just look at us and smack your mouth until we let you have a little taste. You have to hold the lotion while we put it on you at night. You always help me out by carrying my keys to the car for me.
  • You are an expert in your walker. I stand on my tip toes in the kitchen so my heels don't get ran into anymore. Tank is also becoming much more agile thanks to your walker driving skills.
  • You love your rubber toothbrush. You will chew on it all day long. What is really awesome though is that you like to drool on it and get it really nice and slobbery. Then, you shake it around splashing spit on everyone around! You also try to share it with Mommy and Daddy by trying to stick it in our mouths.
  • You LOVE teething biscuits and the little puffs that dissolve in your mouth. You are starting to get the hang of putting them in your mouth, but you really like to be fed rather than feed yourself.
  • You also really enjoy the pool. You love to bang things around and together. You have started really playing games (peek-a-boo, this little piggy, tickle monster) and are so interactive! You are also becoming partial to mommy and daddy...if you are tired or don't want anyone else!!! You love animals and animal noises...and Mommy sings Old McDonald at least 10 times per day. I know there is more, but this is a pretty good start!

She looks like she is going to give somebody a spanking with that spatula! There is our sweet and giggly Lilly! Note: Check out the shoes!! Daddy eating some ribs!!!

The ABOVE VIDEO is of Matt getting Lilly's ribs. It is only a few seconds because my memory card was full....imagine that!!!

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Life is good :-) Lilly's beautiful too!